Jejetu’s goal is to become the natural choice for migrant workers who wish to purchase products and services for friends and family back home. We stimulate sustainable development through a secure platform that delivers shared value to customers, employees and communities, always striving for excellence with integrity.

Global and local
Jejetu offers a global solution to meet local needs. We reach the global diaspora (migrant workers) and build bridges to help facilitate their direct impact back home.

The platform for migrant workers
Our platform is designed specifically to respond to the needs of migrant workers, wherever they may be.

Access to the spending power of the diaspora
Jejetu’s target audience is the international diaspora. This economic group has earnings in excess of those typically found in their country of origin. We bring their spending power to businesses in their home markets.

Groundbreaking avenues for marketing products and services
Precise reach into target demographic segments, making it suitable for introducing new products and services.

Do you want to be become a Jejetu Network Partner?
We’re currently looking for more partners to participate in our ecosystem and add to Jejetu’s ever-growing range of goods and services. If you feel your company will benefit by reaching premium customers via the Jejetu platform, please send us a message on